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Tech innovators are under immense pressure to consider the latest and greatest. Driven by spammers and pushy salespeople, innovators are overloaded with new ideas (web3, AI, robotics, ESG).

Take back control with Intropages, and put the market to work discovering only the innovations you need with the the first anti-spam buyer lead networking tool.

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Take control with Intropages

Intropages is a buyer led discovery tool where innovative decision-makers are in control of who they'll meet, making introductions better for all.
Here is how it works:

1. Create an Intropage
2. List your topics
3. Accept/Pass Introductions

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We're on a mission to end SPAM and put you back in control.

If we create a movement with 1 million decision all pledging to stop responding to cold outreach, and instead use Intropages, we can end sales distractions forever. We're currently taking applications for the First 500 Intropages users, and will be unlocking new batches as we grow. 

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✔️ First mover on this unique technology.
✔️ Direct influence over product direction.
✔️ Optional ability to invest as low as $100.
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✔️ Intropage is FREE forever!

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The Intropages Team

Tim Ericson

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben Carcio

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Bob Mancarella

Co-Founder and VP, Engineering

Orlando Ferrán-Meléndez

Customer Success
Intropages was founded by two CEOs, Tim Ericson and Ben Carcio. In addition to participating in the Techstars Boston Accelerator (2011), they both built venture-backed enterprise startups to scale. They powered their growth with large sales and marketing teams and used cold outreach tactics. Reflecting on their businesses, they both agreed that their best customers weren't sourced from cold outreach, but rather when a decision maker was open to a conversation about their solution. If they had known who was interested, they could avoided interrupting people with cold outreach. With this, they joined forces with Bob Mancarella to build Intropages, a B2B community where decision makers are in control of who they'll talk with, ending the need for cold outreach forever.
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