Decision Makers:

We make partnering with startups easy.

Decision makers, you're under pressure to cut costs, while staying innovative. There is no better group of people to work with than innovative early stage companies whiling to partner at low cost to no cost to you.

Let the market know exactly what you need with Intropages with the first customer partner marketplace.

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How It Works

Create and share your most important needs and only receive outreach for them.

1. List your needs
2. Receive Quick Pitches from innovative companies.
3. Accept/Pass on next steps

The Intropage

An Intropage is a prioritized list of needs that a decision maker has.

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Intropages for Enterprise

Buy better across your entire organization.

More Innovative
More Diverse
More Sustainable
More Transparent

Operations teams are challenged with supporting enterprise innovation while controlling costs and keeping focus. With Intropages Enterprise you can empower your decision makers to stay innovative while having a single view of what people need across an entire organization. This increases transparency and reduces distraction, while building a more innovative, diverse and sustainable company.

By July 15th, we are looking for three Design Partners to help shape our product:

Partners we are looking for: 
✔️ Innovation teams at large enterprises
✔️ PE operations teams.
✔️ VC portfolio support teams.
✔️ Diversity and sustainability teams (DE&I, ESG).
What Design Partners get:
✔️ First mover advantage on this unique technology.
✔️ Direct influence over product direction.
✔️ Cool Intropages swag.
✔️ Discounts on services!
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The Intropages Team

Ben Carcio

Co-Founder and CEO

Bob Mancarella

Co-Founder and VP, Engineering

Orlando Ferrán-Meléndez

Customer Success
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