Create Life Changing Introductions

Intropages creates simple forwardable one-pagers that when networked together make introductions better for all.

The Intropage Network

Our vision is to help every company achieve its goals by creating a global network of Intropages, where founders, employees, customers, investors, community leaders, and mentors can create life changing introductions.

Intropages = Fowardable One-Pagers

Networks, Support Your Companies With Intropages

Use Intropages to create networks of companies helping each other find life changing introductions.

Perfect for:

Academic Insitutions
Diversity Groups
Corporate Innovation
Regional Ecosystems
Share all network Intropages from one place.

Every Introduction Helps End Hunger

For every successful introduction made on Intropages, we will donate 10 meals on behalf of the connector. At Intropages, we create life changing introductions and now these introductions can play a small part towards ending hunger.

Donation Counter: 1,430 Meals

10 meals for every successful introduction since launch

The Team

Tim Ericson

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben Carcio

Co-Founder and Chief Connector

Bob Mancarella

Co-Founder and VP, Engineering

Orlando Ferrán-Meléndez

Customer Success
Intropages was founded by two CEOs (Tim and Ben) who both built venture backed startups to scale ($10M+ ARR) by leveraging their networks for introductions. Whether it was for new customers, investors or employees, they received life changing introductions that seemed to happen randomly. They joined forces with Bob Mancarella to launch Intropages, the first network dedicated to building great companies through introduction networks.